A statement from the owners:

To our valued customers and community,


Here at Brisebois' our commitment has always been to our customers and staff. Faith is what we depend on to get us through, but nothing is more importune to us than our customers, employees and then entirety of this community.


We have not had any reports of COVID-19 with our customers or employees, but feel very strongly in joining the fight to stop this virus from spreading any further than it already has. We have made sure that all areas are being well sanitized and proper protocols are being followed in the store while we remain open, for a healthy work environment for our customers and staff. We realize that this a very difficult time for all involved, and want to thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times. We are continuously monitoring the situation and are paying close attention to the health board procedure recommendations so that we can continue to help provide you with the best possible shopping experience both remotely and in-store. 


Our prayers for all the people around the world affected by this epidemic; especially for the people of Windsor, we have been blessed to own a store and meet and work with the most amazing people; our brave health care workers; and the employees of the city of Windsor that keep our daily lives as normal as possible through these hard times. 

May God Bless you and Keep you and yours safe during this time. We are praying for each and everyone of you that has been personally affected. May God give us strength and mercy to guide us all through.

- Paul & Shawn Anne Brisebois, & Staff

For the health and safety of our customers and staff, we have modified our store experience to meet and exceed public health requirements with cleaning, sanitizing, and social distancing.

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Current In-Store Shopping Procedures

Masks Are Required

Masks are manditory at this time and must be covering the nose, mouth, and chin throughout the entire visit. Curbside pick up is still available to those who cannot wear a mask during their visit. See our accommodations that we are offering to those who cannot shop in-store

Store Capacity Limitations And Social Distancing

In accordance to policies set by the owners and goverment bylaws, there will be a maximum amount of customers that are allowed in-store at a time. In situations of waitlines: Individuals can choose to wait in their vehicles and an employee will let them know when they can come into the store; or they may stand in-line outside. Proper social distancing protocols must be maintained both in-store and in the waitline.

No Cash, Cards Only

There is no cash registers on the premises at this time. Debit cards, credit cards, and valid Brisebois Gift Cards are all acceptable payments. Contactless payments are encouraged.

What We Are Doing To Help Prevent The Spread

> Enhanced cleaning protocols. This includes frequent cleaning and sanitizing of store surfaces. > Providing hand-sanitizer at the door and encouraging customers to use upon entree. > Using acrylic protective sheilds on all counters. > Sanitary gloves provided to customers upon request and non-medical masks provided to customers who have misplaced theirs. > Personal shoppers will be accompanying customers to help answer questions and sanitize high-touch surfaces.

Curbside And No-Wait Pick-Up Available

Curbside and no-waitline pick-up is available. Orders must be placed ahead of time either over phone call, email, or through facebook messenger. Customers with pick-up orders will have the option of pre-paying and having their purchase brought to their vehicles or can skip waitlines and pay in-store. *** Future online shopping will be available through the site*** Would you like to be notified when online shopping is available? Sign Up Here!

Additional FAQs

Are You Open To The Public For In-Store Shopping?

Yes! We are open to the public for in-store browsing, no appoinment required. Waitlines may occur with capacity limitations. Please refer to the current COVID-19 procedures mentioned above for customer requirements and restrictions. See Store Hours

What Accommodations Are You Offering To Those Who Cannot Shop In-Store?

Curbside pick-up is available to those who cannot wear masks or those who do not wish to be in a public space. To place an order for curbside pick up simply call, email or message the store through facebook. An employee will happily organise your order for you and explain your pre-payment options. During this time, you will be able to schedule a pick-up date and time within open hours. The purchase will be brought to the trunk of your car by an employee for a contactless delivery.

What Is Your Return Policy?

At this moment all items purchased are final sale. No returns or gift exchanges are accepted. If you have any questions, we ask that you please contact the store over phone during our business hours.

Do You Offer Delivery?

Sadly, we do not curently offer delivery. If you wish for something to be mailed, you will be charged for the mailing and handling fees. **** Mailing and handling fees are decided by the courier according to their rates.

Is Food and Drink Consumption Permitted In-Store?

Food and/or drink consumption is not permitted in stores. Since face masks are manditory, we kindly ask that customers refrain from consuming their food or beverages to ensure that masks are worn at all times. We ask our customers to please leave any food or drink items in their vehicles during their visit.

How Are You Keeping Your Employees And Customers Safe?

The health and safety of our employees and customers is top priority. We’re staying in close contact with health authorities to enact enhanced safety protocols, including limited staffing and customers in-store to maintain physical distancing, frequent disinfecting/sanitization of store surfaces, and increased handwashing. All staff members and customers are required to wear masks. Staff members are also encouraged to wear full-face shields and sanitary gloves when working with customers and when handling our product. Staff members must also complete the COVID-19 screening survey and get their temperatures checked before they are allowed to work in-store or with customers. We’re continually reassessing these measures and keeping up with government the local healthboard guidelines bylaws and recommendations. We are also proud to say that all our staff members are fully vaccinated.

Do You Take Quantity / Special Orders?

We are happy to look into all product requests including re-orders on items out of stock and items not curently offered in-store or on the website. If you have a set date you need these items by, make sure to let the employees know. Less of a timeframe means less of a chance we can bring it in on time Some important info to have ready (when applicable): Product title, author, brand, ISBN, and quantity. The more info you have the easier it will be to find your items. * prices are subject to change upon re-stock and after currency exchanges.

Do You Offer And Accept Gift Cards?

Yes! We offer gift cards of your chosen price. We also accept our valid gift cards as payments. Gift cards can only be applied to in-person purchases and cannot be applied to online orders. Gift cards will be checked for validity in-store and can only be reddemed once. Customers whose purchases are less then the ammount on their gift card will be given in-store credit for the remaing ammount which can be used on later purchase.