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Family owned and operated since 1983

Brisebois Christian Bookstore & Gift Shoppe Inc.

"Helping You Make A Difference"

Retirement Annoucement

After 38 years of business, Brisebois Christian Bookstore & Gift shoppe Inc. has permanently closed in Windsor Ontario. Our inventory has been purchased by the Mustard Seed Catholic Books & Gifts in London.

The Mustard Seed Catholic Books & Gifts

502 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario

Phone: 519-439-4423

Email: info@mustardseedlondon.com

Website: www.mustardseedlondon.com 

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The Brisebois Family thanks you for your continuous support and gratitude over the last 38 years. 


May God bless you and keep you and yours safe!

Retirement Statement from the Owners

We had been praying through this journey for guidance. Those prayers were answered in the form of Geoff and Carla Letch, owners and operators of the Mustard Seed Catholic Books & Gifts in London, Ontario.

They are a wonderful couple that we look forward to assisting in this transition and we know that they will be happy to assist you in our tradition of helping you make a difference, in any way they can. It is our hope that you will support them as you have supported Brisebois’ over the years so as to allow for a strong Catholic retail presence in our London Diocese, which supports the goals and ideals of our Catholic faith.

Brisebois Christian Bookstore was first opened by the Brisebois Family, 38 years ago in 1983, on the corner of Meldrum and Tecumseh in Windsor. The original owners were William and Raymond Brisebois. When they got married and started their families, Their parents, Maurice and Beatrice Brisebois, left their retirement and continued their sons' ministry.  After some 16 years, the Bookstore moved to its current location at 2475 Central Avenue, Windsor, and opened on March 31, 1999.

Maurice and Beatrice Brisebois devoted their retirement years to bringing hope and support to the families and the ministries within this community and beyond. In doing so, they found great happiness and fulfillment in their faith. Maurice passed away in 2002, and at that point, Beatrice asked her daughter-in-law, Shawn Anne, to take over as owner of the Bookstore, being that Shawn-Anne had already been involved with the Bookstore sum eight years at that time.  Shawn Anne and I were so blessed because Beatrice was than able to help us raise our four children, and still be the Matriarch of the Bookstore. With the dedicated help of our, now retired Manager, Judy O’Gorman, the Bookstore was able to continue on after Beatrice’s passing in 2010. The mission of the Bookstore was to provide a place where many people could meet and experience peacefulness and spiritual fulfillment, through the products that were offered for sale, and enhanced by the décor and religious music playing in the background.

Shawn Anne and I are so thankful for the many Blessing we have received, this includes the Beautiful Amazing Customers and Employees we have had the honour to work with through the years.

May God Bless and keep you safe.


If you have any questions, you may email us at office@briseboischristian.ca.

Yours truly,

Paul P.G.Brisebois,

a most blessed son of Maurice and Beatrice Brisebois